FESTIVAL OF SAND SCULPTURES, BURGAS - Regina Hotel Sunny Beach Bulgaria



01.07 – 30.09. 2016

Information for artists to build sculptures of sand there from the time of the ancient Egyptians. Nowadays, it has gained immense popularity with the hundreds of events held worldwide. Over the years become masters skill and works at their place even in the book of the Guinness Records, and many promotional catalogs collecting people from various corners of the world.
The first ever Festival of sand sculptures in Bulgaria was held in the month of July 2008 in Burgas. It made world-famous artists from Indonesia, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria.
Area of five decares on the territory of Bourgas Park Lake in the Sea Garden in early July did castles, towers, all marine (and not only) people, mermaids, pirates and other Charming creatures, some of them high above 8 meters. Interesting models to be used about 2500 tons a special, sustained rain of sand.
Special night lighting the unique charm of the city of sand. For two months of its existence, the first festival of sand sculptures in Burgas attracted over 15 000 visitors.
For more information: http://sandfestburgas.com/